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Pricing for The Ambrewlance


Beer tenders available for $50/ hour 

Multi-day events require a custom quote 

12 Taps on one side
13 Keg capacity (Half Barrels)

Ambrewlance Dimensions

Outside-14 ft length from hitch to back, 7 ft 8 in height, 7 ft 8 in width from wheel to wheel

Ambrewlance plugs into a standard 110 outlet (standard household outlet).  The trailer must use a dedicated outlet, NO power strips or sharing power from another source of any kind.  If using a generator, the generator must be at least 5000 watts.  If you have any questions about power info, please consult with me first.

There is a side door that houses the CO2 tank and excess dry storage.

The Ambrewlance comes with a 20 pound CO2 tank and 100ft extension cord.