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Can I rent The Ambrewlance and serve my own beer?

Yes. If you do not need/want a server we can provide The Ambrewlance by itself.  We will go through a quick demonstration on how everything works.

Does The Ambrewlance cook food?

No, The Ambrewlance is not a food truck.

How long can you hire The Ambrewlance for?

The Ambrewlance will come for a minimum of 3 hours. If your event is longer or even shorter, we can work out a custom arrangement to suit.

How much does The Ambrewlance cost to hire?
The Ambrewlance is $100 an hour. For events lasting longer than 5 hours or multiple days, custom pricing can be arranged.

What areas does The Ambrewlance service?

We are based in Wilmington, NC.

Does The Ambrewlance sell alcohol?

No. Alcohol is supplied by the event organizer or a third party. If you need alcohol brought in we can work with a third party to make the process seamless for you. No pouring or corkage fees.

Does The Ambrewlance have staff to serve?

Yes, we can provide you with one to two beertenders depending on the size of the event if that fits your needs. More staff upon request.